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You want to sell your home and we want to buy it.  It's really that simple.  When you sell your home for cash you cut out middlemen, headaches, and keep more money in your pocket.  Combine that with the ability to sell your home fast and you have a winner.  Don't be scared off by those low ballers masquerading as cash buyers.  90% of the time they are wholesalers.  What's a wholesaler?  Glad you asked. 


A wholesaler is someone who really has no intention of ever buying your property.  They make you a low ball offer, get you to sign a contract, then up the price 20k and sell it to a real cash buyer.  They are nothing more than middlemen hoping to make a payday off of profit that should be in your pocket.  While there are some reputable wholesalers, with get rich quick schemes in real estate it's hard to find out which is which.  On top of that, when a wholesaler raises the price they put money in their pocket that you should have had.  When the home sells you get your portion and the wholesaler walks away and buys a Porsche with your money.  The sad truth is that when a wholesaler becomes involved what should be a quick close turns into months with nothing to show.  The price point becomes too inflated for a real cash buyer to turn a profit and as a result, your property sits.  


I would love to say that majority of our clients are those that wanted to sell, connected with us, and we made it happen.  The truth is a lot of our clients have gone down a road of promised money with a quick close only to never have it happen with those "other guys."  


At Keller Home Solutions we have the money in the bank and want to get you closed out FAST.  Yes, we buy your home to fix and flip it.  That's how we make a living.  What we don't do though is low ball you on the offer or set incorrect expectations on the pricing.  We want this to be a win-win situation because it's the right thing to do.  Not only that, our years of experience buying and selling in Austin gives us a competitive advantage for pricing your home.  Wondering what we would offer on your home?  Find out today!




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If you are needing to sell a distressed property a cash offer can be the best route to go.  With a cash offer on your distressed property, Keller Home Solutions will buy your home as is.  This is a welcome relief for a majority of home owners as they do not have to cover any repair costs or the headache that comes with it. 


Think about.  If you wanted to sell your home and it needed a new roof there's 15-20k gone off of the price of your home.  What's worse is this 15-20k is paid by you upfront.  

Repair situations on the home can put the seller in a bind.  Not only are you having to dish out money to fix your home, you have to budget time off of work and the logistics that go along with it.  

If you want to try to sell your home with a real estate agent add in more costs.  You will lose about 9% on the sale price due to fees and depending on the condition of your home potential buyers may not be able to get a traditional loan which complicates things.  Theres nothing like the emotional roller coaster of having some one want to buy your home, making an offer, then upon inspection a problem with the foundation leads to owner required repairs.  Now you have to pay 10k out of pocket to fix this or the buyer can't get a loan on the home.  

Save yourself the headache and go with a cash offer on your home.  We will buy your home as is and cover all the costs associated with the sale.  




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Having a foreclosure on your credit report is hard to bounce back from.  A home foreclosure will hurt your credit, limit you on your ability to buy in the future, and even jeopardize your job (security clearance a big one).  There are many factors in play when it comes to a foreclosure which is why you need a professional who can give you the one on one attention you need during this life event.

Keller Home Solutions can help prevent the foreclosure of your home with a cash sale on your foreclosed property.  With a cash sale we will cover all of the back payments, mortgage, and get you what you need to start fresh.  It's very important that we move fast in situations like this as we need enough time to get you paid and clear the title before the foreclosure occurs.

Foreclosure is a very common scenario for a quick sale of your home.  Do not rely on real estate agents and the a traditional sale as you may not have enough time needed to sell before your foreclosure date.  Typical home sales can take anywhere between 35-60 days.  There are also external factors at play (repairs to the home, buyers credit falling through, etc) that can prevent you from selling your home in time.

With a cash sale on your foreclosed home we can try to close you ASAP or assist you with getting your mortgage reinstated while we clean up the title.  A foreclosure is a blemish that we do not want you to have on your credit report and we will work our butts off to make sure this doesn't happen.  



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Selling a new home can be a problem.  Depending on how much you put down, monthly payment, and other factors, you may have a slim window with what the home is worth and what you owe on the property.  If you try to use a real estate agent to sell your home you may end up upside down.

Getting a cash offer on your new home can be a life safer in this situation.  We can structure the deal so that you walk away with money in your pocket and the mortgage satisfied.  Don't end upside down in a situation where you can walk away with a pay day.